Dan Boston Wins The Commonwealth Youth Worker Award

The Commonwealth Youth Worker Award is an annual award that honors outstanding youth workers for their dedication to improving young lives and their positive contribution to society. The winners of the 2014 award were announced in Cameroon in February 2015, and they represented the best 16 initiatives and projects from around the world.

One of the recipients of the 2014 Commonwealth Youth Worker award is Dan Boston. Dan was recognized for his outstanding contribution in equipping the youth with the necessary tools for the 21st century job market. Dan is originally from Guyana however spent most of his life in Australia. Five years ago Dan gave up his corporate position with IBM to try and improve the lives of young people on the continent.

His award winning Program is called The Raise Program. The mission of the Raise Program is to tackle youth unemployment head on by teaching young people the vital skills they need to be job creators.  This is particularly important in Uganda where  83% of youth find themselves unemployed, Dan’s unique approach to education focuses on all aspects of a child’s development. This includes vital life skills, financial literacy, critical thinking, entrepreneurship and motivation. These skills give the youth a competitive edge, making them more marketable and employable. Some of the innovative tutorials include, Mobile App Development, Setting Goals, Communication in the 21st Century and Personal Leadership to name a few.

Since 2012, over 50,000 students have been transformed by the program into goal orientated, focused individuals. Furthermore they have the capacity to think, analyse, make decisions and report on information accessible in the global village.  Dan through his program is filling a huge gap in the current education system. His program is giving hope to a generation of young people that have lost hope and faith in their future.

The Raise program continues to educate, empower and inspire the youth in East Africa through its various innovative and hands-on programs for the youth. It also plans to provide its programs online so that a greater number of students from across the continent can have access to this amazing program. To learn more and to see how you or your organisation can get involved in this fantastic initiative please click on the link below.

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