Raise KickStart Your Career Program

Get Your Teen Set For Work With The Raise Institute’s Job Readiness Program.

Is Your Teen Ready to Enter Workforce?

Raise- kick Start your career uses online Technology (the communication tool of choice for most young people) to provide young people with the life skills, motivation and 21st century employability skills to find gainful employment. The program is built on a unique methodology called the “360 Degree Approach to Learning” which develops all aspects of an individual including personal development (life-skills), professional development (work-readiness) and inspiration (motivation). The online platform provides accountability, traceability and the ability to collaborate with other learners.

Your teen will firstly be taken on a journey to firstly uncover their core skills, passions and talents. Once they have a clear picture in their minds of what they want to do, the program will help them develop the skills they need to land that dream job. KickStart your teen’s career by signing them up today!



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