Help Your Teen Develop their Emotional Intelligence.

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Help Your Teen Develop their Emotional Intelligence.

Take a moment to think about the people in your life – family, friends, teachers and acquaintances. Is there someone in your circle who seems “special”?

You know the one, when a tough decision needs to be made, this is the person you want making it. They never seem to get too upset when things go wrong or carried away when they receive good news. They’re a fantastic listener and always considered when responding to you. They don’t have any enemies or people gossiping behind their back. Whenever you have a problem, this person doesn’t judge you and will always make you feel better after speaking to them, regardless of whether they can solve your problem or not. If you’re having an “aha” moment, but didn’t realise there was a name for this behaviour, let us share it with you.

People like this have a high degree of emotional intelligence or EQ. EQ is the ability to recognise your emotions, understand what they’re telling you and realise how your emotions affect others. People with good EQ are able to deal with stress, manage conflict, overcome challenges, perform under pressure and communicate more effectively. In the heat of the battle, it’s EQ that stops you from saying or doing something that you later regret. EQ makes you more aware of your own emotional state and that of those around you, giving you the ability to look at things from a balanced perspective.

How does EQ work?

All information to the brain comes through our senses. If this information is overwhelmingly stressful or emotional, instinct will take over and our ability to act will be limited to the flight, fight or freeze response. Therefore, in order to make good decisions, we need to be able to recognise and then balance our emotions with rational. 

Why is EQ so important?

Research shows that EQ is just as important to success as technical know-how or your IQ. Since the world we live in is essentially made up of people, anything that impacts people’s minds will have a knock-on effect on their behaviour and, potentially their success in life. What’s more, a high EQ has been found to be a key component in happiness, physical and mental wellbeing and the quality of our relationships.

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