Is Your Teenager Dissatisfied With the Way They Look?

Has Your Teen Got an Unhealthy View of their Body?

On average, teenagers are bombarded 7.5 hours a day with media . Much of this media, emphasizes the importance of being attractive and thin. This promotion of a “thin ideal” results in many teenagers setting unrealistic expectations for themselves.

This disconnect between  “perception and reality” can cause many teenagers to suffer from:

1-  Anxiety and depression

2-  Low self-esteem and self-worth

3-  Eating disorders, or

4-  Substance abuse

Help your teenager build a body that will carry them safely towards their goals and objectives by downloading our free instructional video and tutorial guide teaching them to love and respect their bodies.  They will discover how to have a healthy relationship with food and some core principles that if followed will have an impact in many other areas of their life.

Download Your Free Instructional Video and Tutorial Guide on Developing Healthy Habits for Teens.


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