The Raise KickStart Your Career Program

Making the Most of Your Time at University

About The Program
The Raise KickStart Program is specifically designed to assist University students make the transition from education into the world of work. It’s based on a holistic model called the “360 Degree Approach to Learning,” which includes a blend of both cognitive and non-cognitive skills which are vital for success in the 21st Century. Equally as important the program provides students with direction and a sense of purpose. This helps to keep them engaged and focused throughout their studies.
The program is delivered online and is supported by a social element allowing students to benefit from social interaction. This is particularly important as more and more courses are moving away from face-to-face learning to online learning.
Over 60,000 students globally have completed courses with the Raise Institute prompting the Commonwealth Secretariat in 2015 to recognise the program as one of the most influential programs for youth globally. Over 75% of our students either go on to further education or find gainful employment.

1- Students in Tertiary Education
2- Youth uncertain about their future
3- Young adults who may be lacking motivation and/or direction
4- Young adults looking to enter the workforce

1- Be more focused and goal orientated
2- Be assured they are studying courses suited to their unique personality
3- Be better equipped to get a job
4- Be more likely to complete their studies
5- Be better time managers enabling them to juggle different responsibilities

1- 13 Life-Changing modules
2- Videos + Tutorial Guides + Podcasts
3- Unlimited Email Support
4- Weekly motivational messages
5- Access to monthly webinars
6- A CV Template
7- A Comprehensive Career Planner
8- A Cover Letter Builder
9- Interview Preparation Questions and Answers
10- Time management system, and much, much more..



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